We increase profit by 15%+
by optimizing inventory

Avocado AI uses math models to forecast demand and control inventory
What do we do?
Decrease lost sales volume
Decrease write-offs volume
Release working capital
Decrease unneeded inventory
Why supply is not an easy task ?
Volatile environment
Pandemic makes government change restrictions at every turn
Lack of strict rules
Usually restaurants lacks clear and simple rules of supply
Intuition is an enemy
The prism of expert prevents you from making reflected and optimal decisions
Lost sales are not calculated
Businesses do not consider losses from getting the food on the stop list (86) or from storing excess supplies
As a result, businesses freeze funds, write-off too much, waste time, and lose income
How Avocado AI can help?
Sales growth, write-offs reduction, capital free up
Simplification and streamlining of planning and supply
Costs reduction, simple and clear supply rules creation
Negative human factor impact reduction, sales analysis, lost profits record,
anomaly detection
Who can use Avocado AI?
Our solution is for you if you are:
Take-away, coffee bar or diner
Avocado AI is ideal for take-aways and coffee bars that sell pre-made meals and pastries or diners
Avocado AI can tackle hundreds of ingredients and semi-finished products for delicious gourmet dishes
Fast-food or street food outlet
If you have a small menu and little storage space, then Avocado AI is exactly what you need!
Bakery or pastry-shop
Avocado AI works best with dishes and ingredients with a short shelf life, so it is ideal for bakeries
Grocery store
We know how to work with a group of ultra-fresh products, so we will benefit both the owners and managers of grocery stores
Food and beverage producers
Avocado AI will help small food businesses
to optimize production and increase profits
Our team
Viktor Roman
CEO, Co-Founder
Nika Tamaio Flores
CTO, Co-Founder
Aleksandra Boguslavskaya
Alena Ivanenko

Customer Success Manager
How to contact us?
If you are interested in trying Avocado AI,
let us know!
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